What to wear

Ready to pack your bag?

While there is no strict dress code for the conference, attendees often wonder what attire is appropriate for the various events. Here’s a quick navigation guide to help you pack before you ship off to the conference.

For all sessions and keynotes, the opening reception and Monday’s luncheon we recommend business casual. We recommend nice pants or a skirt with a dressy top (dress shirt, casual button-down shirt or polo). Work dresses are appropriate, ties are optional, but we recommend no jeans.

For the Sunday evening event, attire will be more casual. Jeans would be appropriate. Feel free to wear your favorite institutional swag or dress things up a bit, if that’s your thing. Think of a casual night out with friends.

Please note that although conference activities will all be inside, make sure to dress for the weather, especially if you are traveling outside of the hotel. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella! Temperatures will range from a high of 44°F (6°C) and a low of 29°F (-2°C).



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